Freedom From Egoism Merges Time Into One Instant

Laitman_2009-08_2934Modern science, biology, psychology and all forms of human research bring us to the understanding that time, space, motion and one’s picture of reality are all relative perceptions and notions.

Many people are beginning to speak of this, and the Internet is overflowing with articles on the subject, with some even being close to the truth. Truly the human mind has come to the very boundary between the two worlds.

Of course, scientists cannot properly envision the spiritual, but the readiness to perceive it is already beginning to be revealed.

This is why it is becoming easier to explain the notion of time in the spiritual. Although at first it appears to be absolute, it is a relative concept, since it stems from one’s perception of life, like the ticking clock or the beat of the pulse. Sometimes time “flies” and sometimes it “drags.”

Spaces are discovered in the cosmos where time stops; there’s even talk of areas where time actually flows backwards. There are stars that don’t emit radiation but rather absorb it.  What does that mean to the flow of time?

Time is a corporeal parameter which can be changed depending on the relationship between mass and speed.

In the spiritual space, the phenomena of time, place and motion exist in their true, absolute form, which, as they become understood, can also be applied to our world.

In the spiritual, as well as in our world, the correct assessment of time constitutes a number of actions that succeed one another. The key isn’t the length of these actions in time or the intervals of time between actions, but only the quantity of action.

Time is assessed only by the quantity of completed actions. If that quantity is high, then a lot of time has gone by; conversely, little time indicates few completed actions.

Man’s sensation of time comes to us from Klipot (egoistic desires). A Klipa draws out time like rubber from the point where cause and consequence (consecutive events) join as one. It divides them and inserts the sensation of an interval between them.

This sensation of an interval stems to us from a Klipa, our egoism, which wedges itself between cause and consequence, which is between occurrences. If we free ourselves of it, then this interval disappears and cause rejoins consequence, merging everything into one instant.

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