You Have Never Seen Anything Like This!

the-kabbalistic-meaning-of-the-star-of-david-and-why-we-should-respect-sports-stadiumsWe were born into a world that came with certain conditions and was already arranged a certain way. That is how we know it. We have never felt anything else and we have gotten so used to this world (in which everything is so natural for us) that we don’t imagine that it is subjective, and could be completely different.

Our imagination and fantasies do not go beyond the boundaries of what we have gotten used to in this world. That is why it is difficult for us to understand what the Kabbalists say about another reality, which is revealed to a person if he attains a new level of perception.

Today, we are awakening to a new reality, and as the entire world reveals this new reality, this perception will cause people to change. As the new reality is born within us, the science of Kabbalah talks specifically about how we can develop the inner feeling of this new reality within ourselves and avoid the suffering that we will experience should we choose to come to this involuntarily.

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