We’re British And Lazier Than Ever

how-do-you-fight-group-lazinessIn the News (from The Guardian):No sex please, we’re British and we’re lazier than ever” – Despite a huge government push to encourage healthy living, Britons are lazier than ever, concludes the study conducted by Nuffield Health. One in six people would rather watch a TV programme they didn’t like rather than leave the sofa to change the channel if their remote control was broken. A third (36%) …would not run to catch a bus and more than half (59%) would not walk up two flights of stairs to reach their office, choosing instead to take the lift. More than half of dog owners (52%) did not walk their dogs, and two-thirds (64%) of parents admit to always being too tired to play with their children. The laziness epidemic appears to have spread to the bedroom, with almost three-quarters (73%) of couples saying they regularly do not have enough energy at the end of the day to have sex, with more than half (58%) blaming a lack of fitness … The nation has fallen into a vicious circle of laziness…

My Comment: Kabbalah says that there is no laziness, but only lack of interest, meaning a lack of desire. Now we are going through a stage where our desires are changing from material to spiritual, and this explains that apparent laziness. In other words, it is a lack of desire to fulfill those previous desires that we used to have, but are no longer tangible to us.

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