The Obstacles We Receive Along The Path Are There To Help Us (Advanced)

we-cannotTwo questions I received on obstacles along the spiritual path:

Question: What should a person who studies Kabbalah do at moments when he does not know what to do, but understands that he has to act, one way or another?

My Answer: It is written that a person should choose the manner of studying Kabbalah that is closest to him and that accords with his state and conditions. You can read, listen, watch, take notes on the material or edit it, write, disseminate, and so on.

Question: How can I ensure that the people not studying Kabbalah don’t influence and control me? Or should we consider their influence as given and as something that we cannot change?

My Answer: We cannot escape the influence of our environment; we are always in it. You can neutralize its influence internally if your thoughts are stronger and more complete. Then you will feel that your environment “helps” you through the obstacles it provides.

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