The Game Of Life Contains The Thought Of The Creator

laitman_2008_32001A question I received: You say that if a person willingly and consciously carries out the program of creation, he will attain the Creator’s plan. But when a child is putting together a puzzle, all he wants is to arrange the whole picture, and doesn’t connect to the thought that had created the game, right?

My Answer: The child doesn’t merely put together the contents of the box that contains the pieces of a puzzle.  As a result of his actions, he develops toward a state when he discovers an adult’s intelligence within himself, much like the one used by the person who had created the puzzle.  He begins to understand the purpose and function of the game’s every element – and therein lies his growth.

Our whole life is a puzzle! But the puzzle contains the thought of the Creator who created it. Therefore, as we put together this puzzle with a conscious desire to attain its creator, we attain Him. From the very start we are created such that by seeking the Creator of the world in our state (and Kabbalah tells us how to seek Him), we reveal Him. The effort of the search is the only thing that is required of us, just as a baby needs only to nurse in order to grow.

Question (con’t:) And what about all these spiritual worlds if we reveal the Creator in our world?

My Answer: This is the inner mechanism – our connection to the Creator across all the worlds. I exist in this world only in my perception, understanding and sensation, while in reality I exist in the world of Infinity, connected inseparably to the Creator. But He wants me to desire this connection on my own volition. That is why I feel distant and separated from Him, so that, gradually, I could come to Him, to the state in which I already exist and in which I have always existed. I need only to add a bit of my own effort in order to reveal this mechanism.

For instance, modern science needs only to look at a drop of semen to determine the future qualities of the person that develops from it. In other words, everything already exists within that drop of semen; all it needs is the force of development. The same is true with our soul – everything is already included within the tiny spark of Light and we need only to apply our own effort to it. We do not create a new creation; we merely reveal an already existing mechanism.

Our connection with the Creator already exists. All we need is to express the desire to reveal it!

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