Kabbalah Has The Power To Correct Man’s Egoistic Nature Without Revoking It

aboveA question I received: There are many methods that teach people how to exit their egoistic desires. How does Kabbalah view them?

My Answer: All these methods will disappear in the very near future because they don’t hold the power to draw a person out of his egoistic nature. The only thing they can do is numb our egoistic desires. But because our desires are growing and all these methods act in a direction opposite to this growth, they distance a person from the society and from life. It’s because what they offer a person is a complete separation from all the problems by way of meditation and other “tricks.”

In addition, these methods are incapable of creating a connection between people. As a rule, people who use these methods separate from each other. Nature, however, is pushing us toward unity. This is why these methods are proving ineffectual.

Kabbalah, on the other hand, will remain for two main reasons. First, Kabbalah works with a person’s huge egoistic desire, which has developed throughout human history, and which people cannot escape. Second, the method of Kabbalah explains how to utilize this enormous egoism without diminishing it, but rather by changing its application toward benefiting oneself and others. This is the work one does with one’s egoism without denying one’s nature and anything in this world, and without destroying any of one’s natural qualities. After all, Kabbalah tells us that it is necessary to use everything that we have.

In addition, with the help of the science of Kabbalah, we can effectively correct the division between people. All other methods only speak of the fact that we must love each other. Take for instance, the situation in India: The caste system that exists there in order to divide people does not prevent them from talking about “love of others.”

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