Illness Is An Expression Of The Difference Between Us And The Creator

expireA question I received from my student: What are you supposed to say to friends who are gathering when one asks “How do you feel?” or “How are you?” while you are feeling half dead with the flu (or any illness)? Is it better to avoid the group when I am feeling weak so as not to bring them down?

Poor health has plagued me for my entire adult life, and there are others like me who really, really need to understand health issues in a little more depth than being told it is a problem caused by “ego,” because most of us have probably been given all sorts of more specific, yet conflicting, advice spiritually, psychologically and medically. I have been with Bnei Baruch for a couple of years now and I think that Bnei Baruch can be marketed to the chronically ill as a target group if we have more articles discussing “remedies” or reasons.

My Answer: There is only one answer – this comes from the difference between us and the Creator. The specific differences become revealed depending on one’s level of correction, because correction includes the sensation of being different from the Creator as well as its subsequent rectification.

You don’t have to parade your differences from the Creator, which manifest as illnesses, in front of the friends. But the friends have to know about them in order to ask the Creator for correction and healing on your behalf.

Why do the differences between a person and the Creator manifest differently in different people? Why does one person experience this externally, in the form of an illness, and another – in the form of personal problems or other manifestations? You will find the answers to all of this as you correct yourself. In short, start working on yourself!

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  1. How should friends of someone who has died of their illness relate this to the Creator? When this person was strongly involved in Kabbalah?

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