Would Common Currency Worldwide Be A Good Step?

the-machsom-is-the-same-everywhere-even-in-japanA question I received: Lately, we hear more and more people proposing that a new common currency be created in the world. Will this help the world unite?

My Answer: I can tell you just one things: any action that’s suitable for all is blessed. This is certain, even if the unification is initially motivated by egoistic interests, as was the case with the establishment of the European Union. It’s clear that the motive for this unification was egoistic: these countries were simply afraid of each other. However, now they are united and make joint actions, pass common laws, trade with each other, and so on.

Unification is always good if it is not aimed at harming anyone. It is written, “Unification of sinners is bad for them and for the whole world.” If a unification is done in order for a society to survive, then it is good. Each country in Europe is not worth much separately, but together, they are a great power. Britain, France, Germany, and Italy are the core, the bulk of the power, and all the other countries connect to them.

The world would really change for the better if we created a world government and common means of control, as if the whole world were one country. Kabbalah says that even this kind of egoistic unification amongst people – unification in order to survive – would lead us to the revelation of the Upper Governance and the Upper World.

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