Is The World Heading For Nazism Or Spiritual Development?

when2520it2520comes2520to2520the2520global2520crisis2The egoistic development of our society has reached its natural end. Egoism is the use of one’s desire to receive pleasure with the intention “for one’s own sake,” and we are currently revealing the fact that it is impossible to fulfill. Thus, egoism is being a “Helper against the self” (Ezer KeNegdo) and leading to its own demise.

The next form that society will take on is one of complete interconnection among all of humanity, where all people will be as one whole. Nature offers us abundant examples of this connection, and we too must correspond to it.

However, Kabbalah warns that the realization that our egoism is evil may be insufficient for us to conclude that the only type of society that is beneficial and necessary is one that’s based on mutual guarantee. If we don’t reach this conclusion, we will have to go through additional stages, which will involve fanatical nationalist and religious regimes, as well as a third and fourth world wars. At the conclusion of these wars, we will finally realize that egoism is evil and we will desire just one thing: to part with it.

The current crisis shows us that it is impossible to be fulfilled egoistically. However, in order for everyone to realize that egoism is evil and to reject it, the crisis must also be accompanied by an explanation of its true causes. All mass media channels must be utilized to bring this explanation to the people. Otherwise, humanity will aspire in other directions, such as isolationism, separation, fanaticism, and dictatorships.

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