Women Should Recognize Opportunities And Stop Blaming Men For Everything

plan1Two questions I received on study opportunities for women:

Question: Several times I have heard women, children, and slaves be referred to as one soul. I don’t understand this attitude, especially in light of the enormous work women do in studying and disseminating.

My Answer: You are hearing it adversely: everything described in Kabbalah speaks about the correction of the soul. Every person is an egoist, regardless of one’s gender, and all people have to correct themselves. This is what you should think of, instead of thinking that you are deprived of the opportunity to be corrected and to attain the Creator.

I advise you to stop trying to “blame men for everything,” and instead to recognize the opportunity you have been given. Unfortunately, instead of correction, many women focus on looking for someone to blame for the fact that they are women.

Question: Two years ago, I asked for women to have an opportunity to ask questions and receive answers. You personally promised to solve this problem. However, to this day I am unaware of such an opportunity. As you know, women have never been able to ask questions during the morning lessons.

My Answer: I assure you that many women ask questions through the Internet during the morning lessons, providing male names. In addition, we have sections for women and children on our website, where you can ask anything you like.

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