Will the G20 Summit Prove Useful?

laitman_2009-03_4166A question I received: On April 2, a summit of the G-20 leaders will take place in order to try to get the world out of the crisis. What can they do?

My Answer: These people can do a lot, since they have the ability to popularize their opinions. The world is in crisis, and many of these leaders understand that if all the countries will care only about themselves, this will inflict great harm to the world. Therefore, countries shouldn’t separate from each other; they must unite. However, no one knows how to do this.

“We are gathering in order to undertake something, but we are unable to do anything” – this is what they are now demonstrating to everyone. They realize that countries cannot isolate from each other, but no one knows how to solve this dilemma.

They will certainly undertake something, but at the current rate, whatever they do will quickly prove a failure and no one will understand where it all disappeared to. It will be the same as what happened to Obama’s stimulus plan.

Why does this happen? Because they are unable to account for the global law of interdependence between us, the Arvut (Mutual Guarantee).”This law states that we must now create a good connection with one another, and this can only come from understanding that everyone completely depends on everyone.

Twenty powerful people will gather, all of them leaders of nations. They cannot play around with their people anymore by lying to them and trying to calm them down because this will cause riots, starvation, and the greatest kind of turmoil. Therefore, they have to offer something to the world.

However, the regulation and harmony shouldn’t be realized on the corporeal level, but rather on the inner level – the level of connection between people. That is where the breaking occurred (the breaking of the souls), and that is how egoism came to be. Therefore, that is where we have to do the correction. This is why we have to study our current state and the state toward which Nature propels us. We have to learn how to live in our new world just like we teach this to our children.
(From the lesson on the Baal HaSulam’s article “The Freedom,” 03.13.2009)

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  1. The Dalai Lama was barred from attending the G20 summit. I was rather surprised by this turn of events, not only because the Dalai Lama is potentially one of the most influential and perhaps ideal candidates; but also because he was turned away so as not to offend China.

    If the G20 host has turned away the Dalai Lama, from a global event, if only not to risk the trade and economic influence of China, then it’s logical that not all parties involved are doing this for the right reasons.

    This illustrates perfectly your point that the parties involved becoming Egotistical in their purposes. As well as they are not fulfilling their “agreement” of the Avrut, especially when that’s the heart of the G20 meeting they are establishing.

  2. I like this statment so true that harmony shouldn’t be realized on corporeal level but rather in inner level ..interconnection between human beings.

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