Will Changing Rivers’ Flow Ease The Effect Of Global Warming?

warmingIn the News (from the External Economic and International Relations Department of Moscow): “Water and the World” The time has come, believes the Moscow Mayor, to revisit the project of channeling a part of northern rivers’ flow to the southern regions of Russia and the neighboring states. “Since 1986 when the project was suspended, the Ob River’s yield increased by 25 cubic kilometres. It is what we could have taken from the river thus reclaiming the aftereffect of the North Atlantic Ocean warming,” said Y. Luzhkov.

My Comment: Man has no right to interfere with Nature. We can only consume and take from Nature that which is necessary for our existence, without changing anything in It. This is the only way for us to preserve our natural environment and stay in harmony with it.

However, man’s egoism rapidly grows and at times, bursts out, bringing us to greater and greater opposition to all of Nature, because Nature is altruistic. As a result, we also end up with a conflict within all of human society and even within ourselves. Because man is the only egoistic creature, he is the only one that opposes the general harmony of Nature.

Another example of our proprietary attitude is the ambitious activists who try to “fix” the world. They should instead think about the need to correct humanity (see Baal HaSulam’s article, “Peace in the World”).

Man’s attitude of neglect and superiority with regard to Nature, together with his lack of understanding of his predestination and the meaning of life, man’s desire to rule over and own Nature, is inevitably leading mankind to extinction!

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