We Have A Perfect Life In Store For Us

whyA question I received: Can we really expect humanity to strive for unity if people don’t have a desire for this?

My Answer: For people who are currently advancing through suffering, unity is a chance for salvation. Humanity now faces great calamities, and people will be willing to unite in order to rescue the situation.

People want to feel good, but right now they are advancing by being made to feel a bad sensation. They will not attain well-being until they unite and reach mutual bestowal. Only then will they receive fulfillment and feel good.

Everything in Nature strives toward unification. The human body, for example, is formed by the unification of its parts, where all the parts exist in harmony, are interconnected, and bound by a mutual guarantee. The body exists and attains a high level of existence because each of its parts is responsible for a particular function, providing the others with everything they need. Each cell takes care of the whole organism and all of its parts.

This is how people have to unite as well, since Nature’s laws are identical on all levels, whether inanimate, vegetative, animate, or human. However, on the human level, people have to do this consciously, on their own, by building their society in accordance with Nature as a whole. This is why the current crisis is global and encompasses all of humanity.

By unifying with others, a person attains real life. Compared to this, in his present state he is considered dead, like a body whose parts are separated and have no connection. We have a perfect life in store for us, but in our current state we are in danger of extinction.

It is now clear that the alternative to unity is world war, famine, epidemics, and climactic anomalies. All of this could happen because humanity cannot correct itself. However, as soon as people begin to unify, the situation will change immediately. Many are saying that our suffering comes from our lack of connection, and we can see that this is so.

(From the lesson on Baal HaSulam’s article, “One Precept,” on 03.08.2009)


  1. Dear Rav,
    I wanted to share this story. I had previously talked to my 12 year old son about Kabbalah. I was discussing the financial crisis with him the other day when he said, “the only way its going to get better is if each person helps the next person and then everyone will be taken care of.” Without me telling him, he summarized the essence of Kabbalah and the solution to the global crisis! It was beautiful! 🙂
    Temperance VanDoren

  2. I have discovered that there are two very important aspects to the arvut. The mutual guarantee which will drag humanity out of the “doldrums” and the mutual guarantee which will drag each individual of of the “doldrums”.

    For those who cannot relate to the importance of unity for the sake of all mankind they may wish to relate to the wonderful feeling that this unity gives an individual.

    Speaking from experience I can say that the effect on this individual has been profound. Not withstanding the “shame” that has to be dealt with while going through the realization that the concealment still exists, the effects on my personality and general attitude towards my existence has made me a much happier person.

    What I am beginning to understand is the effect that my change has on those around me. Thus, the proof is in the pudding (so to speak). Correcting oneself has an osmosis affect on the world.

    Toda Raba, kavana,, Arvut v Ahava

    Marvin Fox – Montreal

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