We Are Like Whirls In A River

How to Keep Effective Virtual ConnectionsA question I received: Even though we feel disconnected, isn’t it rather that the connections are still very much alive, however, we have lost our sense to feel and use them?

My Answer: Yes, we are in fact completely connected with one another as one body. However, this fact is concealed from us, and as a result, we hurt ourselves by hurting others.

Question cont’d: Also, doesn’t humanity have connections to everything in this universe?

My Answer: Yes, it is connected to everything absolutely and harmoniously, just as all levels of nature – still, vegetative, animate, human and spiritual. They are all interconnected, along with the Creator.

Question cont’d: In the end, is the whole universe made out of the same fundamental “stuff”?

My Answer: Yes, the entire universe is just one kind of matter: the will to receive pleasure.

Question cont’d: Aren’t we a little bit like whirls in a river, believing we are separate from the river, but actually being part of this very river?

My Answer: Yes.

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