The Wave Of The Crisis Will Wash Away All The Nonsense

immerse-into-the-waters-of-bestowal-and-you-will-become-pureA question I received: I am discovering that people don’t understand what it means to “treat others well.” No one feels like they are doing anything wrong. Everyone says, “I treat everyone well. I have a family, and I treat them well. And I don’t lie or steal from anyone.” They don’t understand that they need correction.

My Answer: The crisis will gradually bring us to the understanding of what it really means to treat others well. It is when I make sure that everyone else has what is necessary. This is called treating others well. I repeat: I am concerned only with what is necessary for them! And in addition, I have to concerned with attaining adhesion with the Creator, together with everyone. This will be revealed in the world absolutely clearly.

The wave of the crisis will wash away all the nonsense in the world. This will begin to be revealed very soon and very rapidly. Never before has humanity and the world been in a situation like this. You will see how, with the aid of various outside forces and means, people will wish to free themselves of all excesses because they’ll feel that this gets in their way and deprives them of something. Eventually, people of power and influence will feel embarrassed of their power and financial strength. They will reveal that these phenomena are harmful and negative, and society will hold them in low esteem, even despise them.
(From the lesson based on Baal HaSulam’s article, “One Precept,” on 03.05.2009)

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