The Creator – The General Force Of Nature – Is Among Us


Two questions I received on the right attitude to the Creator:

Question: I did not attend the Congress but I listened to the lessons over the Internet. I have studied Kabbalah for several years and this was the first time I heard you say that in order to rise above the ego, we should spend every minute of our lives between “There is none else beside Him” and “He is good and does good.” I tried this, and it works! My question is: do I have to believe that the Creator is already among us, in the group, and this is why you recommended the above approach?

My Answer: Of course. The Creator is among us because He is the general force of Nature. However, He is concealed from us because our egoistic qualities differ from Him. By correcting our egoistic qualities, we will gradually reveal Him inside our new, altruistic qualities.

Question: You say that everything is governed by the Creator, and a while ago in response to a question about your students, you said that they all have a job and there are no “loafers” among them. But aren’t loafers people as well? And it’s not their fault they are that way; they don’t have any freedom of choice because the Creator governs them.

My Answer: You can use this explanation as an excuse for anything, and remain idle forever. You can just sit there and do nothing for the rest of your days, saying that the Creator will awaken you if He so desires, that your desire to be idle also comes from Him, and so on.

The Creator’s governance will be revealed to you only once you attain Him, and only then will you be able to talk about Him. But before that happens, all these speculations are just philosophy, caused by laziness.

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