Religion Is A Harbor For People In Times Of Crisis

poorIn the News (from Gallup): “Religion Provides Emotional Boost to World’s Poor” Gallup Polls in 143 countries reveal that among countries where average annual incomes are $2,000 or less, 92% of residents say religion is an important part of their daily lives, [whereas] among the richest countries surveyed ($25,000/yr or more) – that figure drops to 44%.

Societies naturally grow more secular as they modernize; religion is in fact a powerful positive force for disadvantaged populations – a literal form of “social security” – in times of crisis.

My Comment: The time of enlightenment isn’t here just yet. Kabbalah will enable humanity to reveal all of creation – this world and the Upper World together, and then the age of unfounded faith will be replaced with the age of Knowledge, as it is written, “And all will know Me, from the smallest to the greatest.”

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