France Is On Strike

strikeIn the News (from msnbc News): “France hit by new wave of nationwide protests” A new wave of nationwide strikes by angry workers demanding that French President Nicolas Sarkozy do more to fight the economic crisis hit France on Thursday. Sarkozy told ministers at a Cabinet meeting Wednesday that he “understood the worries of the French,” but said he had no plans for additional measures. Some 200 protest marches are planned Thursday around France, according to the powerful CGT union.

My Comment: But the real crisis hasn’t even begun yet. People aren’t starving, living on the streets, dying of epidemics, and so on. But the crisis will continue, sometimes increasing and sometimes subsiding, until humanity will understand its cause – the lack of connection between people.

I recommend reading the chapter in the Bible about the Egyptian plagues. Each plague comes and then subsides, and this continues until we are completely ready to escape from our egoistic nature – to run from it and do anything to escape it for good!

We have just entered the period of coming out of egoism. At the end of this process, we will all unite, becoming similar to our global world, either consciously or against our will.

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