Can the G-20 Establish The Right Power Balance?

power-balanceA question I received: What kind of power balance should be established in the world? The G-20 leaders want to create a better power balance between different countries to make sure that no country will be able to control the others. How do you envision the map of the world’s power balance, when done correctly?

My Answer: I do not see this as a good situation. Any action that’s based on the human ego is ignorant of the needed inner changes in people’s relationships to each other. Therefore, even if it’s done for the sake of balance, it will lead to the recognition of evil and will manifest in a negative form. As a matter of fact, people will not otherwise recognize the evil inside themselves. If we won’t bring about a correction of interpersonal relationships, then it’s worthless to create any new regulator. It won’t help and will only bring us to a more corrupted state.

Our world is abundant: it has natural resources, developed industries, machinery, technology, economy, a banking system, and agriculture. Everything is 100% fine-tuned. We only lack a connection between us. That connection cannot be attained by means of a regulator, which the G-20 leaders hope to employ to solve our problems on the corporeal level. They are thinking, “Let’s create a special computer that will make all the right calculations.”

But the fact is, the calculations that need to be made are inside us, and they have to be done for the sake of our neighbor! What does Baal HaSulam say in the newspaper “The Nation?” He writes, “There must be fair distribution between everyone! Oil, gas, metal, and everything in the earth belongs to the whole of humanity in equal measure. You cannot have something if someone else does not, because it belongs to everyone equally!”

All the people must work for each other’s benefit, and do so willingly, rather than because of some regulator. Using a regulator to achieve this would be similar to the KGB in Russia. This has to happen because of your own desire!

So what is that point of reference we should now start with? It is education – learning where the problem comes from. There’s no need to do anything in the world except man’s inner correction! Even the climate will change because of this! We have no other way out of the situation. And the purpose of our dissemination is to make this fact known.

The G-20 leaders are like children who will gather at their summit and play it out as if they have a solution in their hands. They will then start to carry it out in the world, and it will fail just like all the previous ones did. They will all fail.

There are many programs like this now. For example, the Japanese government began giving out money to its people. But people won’t spend it; they will just save it for a rainy day. Yet the government presumes that people will immediately run to the stores to spend it. How can I spend the money if I don’t know what is going to happen to me tomorrow!?

The entire world is in a “frozen” state. Everything has come to a halt. And the only reason this is happening is because our intentions are not aimed at benefiting each other. So let us hope that we will be heard.
(From the lesson on the Baal HaSulam’s article, “The Freedom,” on 03.13.2009)

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