Blogs Are A Good Way To Tell People About The Means To Correct The World

writeA question I received: Yesterday I came across an article about the crisis by one of your students, Alexander Kozlov, on the blog of the President of Russia, Medvedev, in the section called “Financial Crisis.” Is this also considered dissemination of Kabbalah?

My Answer: Of course! In fact, I advise anyone wishing to inform everyone in the world about the means of correcting and improving our world to use all kinds of blogs for this, especially if the blogs belong to “big,” famous people who have a large social network. (For example, I heard that Obama has a blog.) I welcome everyone who wishes to disseminate our method of correcting the world to write on all blogs! Anyone can write, and different people can write in many different styles. Besides, in addition to the actual words you’ll write, even if no one reads them, the action itself will have an impact.

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