Babylon Is Where The First “Man” Originated


Two questions I received on man’s origin and the Tower of Babel:

Question: You say that we all came from ancient Babylon. How do you reconcile this with science that says that life started in Africa and that humanity started to migrate from Africa and then spread to other countries?

My Answer: We don’t study where life originated or where the creature called “man” emerged, but rather where the first Man (in Hebrew, Adam – similar to the Creator) emerged. He was the first man because he attained the Creator by becoming similar to Him. He was the first Kabbalist and he left us the book, The Secret Angel (Raziel HaMalach).

Question: At the end of Lesson 6 at the Congress you compared our spiritual growth using Kabbalah with the Tower of Babel. My understanding of the Tower of Babel in Beresheet Ch. 11 was that it was an evil attempt of mankind to be like G-d. Please explain how your comparison relates to the understanding of the Torah understanding.

My Answer: You can find the explanation in the book, From Chaos to Harmony.

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