Young Adults Reject Marriage Because Of The Global Egoism That Is Being Revealed

Is Correction Possible without a Man?In the News (from Daily Telegraph):Marriage not regarded as ‘best relationship’ by young adults” Marriage is no longer regarded as the best form of a relationship by younger generations, the largest survey of public attitudes in Britain shows. Married couples will be in the minority by next year, as increasing numbers of people choose to live together out of wedlock.

My Comment: This is happening because the global egoism is now being revealed, and it shows us how interconnected we all are and how much we don’t desire this connection. Therefore, in our time, if we don’t start correcting ourselves, transforming our quality of “using everyone” to the quality of “serving everyone,” we will end up with a complete breakdown of the family unit, which is the basic building block of society.

Such a breakdown of the family unit, the basis of life, is only happening to humans. It does not happen to animals because they don’t have the same egoistic bond between spouses as people do, who must attain the unity where “all are as one,” according to the law of the Mutual Guarantee (Arvut).

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