World Leaders Have To Start Thinking About All People, Economies And Countries

all-the-people-in-the-world-are-sick-with-the-same-sicknessIn the News (from The Washington Post):Out of Gaps In Treaties, First Salvos Of Trade War” Leaders worldwide face intense pressure at home in the deepening financial crisis. In the United States, a move to greatly expand Buy American provisions as part of the $819 billion fiscal stimulus package has generated shock waves in other countries. [The Buy American provision can result in] potentially dramatic series of countermeasures by America’s trading partners if it is passed and signed by President Obama.

My Comment: If countries take the route of limitation and separation, they will harm themselves and everyone else, which means they’ll harm themselves either way. The only chance they have of developing positively (instead of through suffering and war) is by taking all people, economies, and countries into consideration.

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  1. from your words to gods’s ears and to bloggers and tweeters eyes yes technology is our common tool for goodness and universal truth will fly though time zones and hearts and minds will be open to a message delivered in a nano
    moment…Peace-Paz- Shalom- Umoja
    harmonic convergence like a mother’s love is unconditional
    save Earth -save us -save the We ..the universal WHO- we all know and love

    let it be
    John Lennon ‘s fan
    kindergarten mom

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