What Kind Of Specialists Do We Need To Overcome The Financial Crisis?

specialIn the News: (from Vladivostok Times): There Are No Vacancies for Humanists, Fursenko Says” There are no vacancies for humanists now, the Minister for Education and Science Andrey Fursenko said…The Minister explained that it is a question of 1.8 million economists and about 900,000 humanists, including 750,000 lawyers… Fursenko said that it is necessary to redirect students for getting called-for professions… According to HeadHunter monitoring, at the end of 2008 the number of applicants for the lawyer was six times as much as vacancies, the number of applicants for  the economist was seven times as much.

My Comment: In order to make plans, we must have knowledge of the general system of interactions in the world (in a closed system), and our plans must account for the need for new relationships. Specialists should acquire knowledge of the global laws of nature and act according to these laws, rather than according to some made-up, artificial “regulator.” Then there will be jobs for everyone.

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