What Americans Really Think About God

goodIn the News (translated from Washprofile): What Americans really think about God and religion:

42% – God is male

1% – God is female

38% – God is neither male nor female

9% – God has arms, legs, a head, and other human body parts

48% – God has a body, but not necessarily a human body

27% – God does not have a body

29% – God has full control over everything

50% – God closely observes everything, but does not intervene

6% – God pays no attention to what is happening on Earth

53% – Christians, Muslims, and Jews believe in the same God, but pray differently

42% – The Bible is the actual words of God

37% – The Bible is affiliated to God, but should not be taken literally

14% – The Bible was written by people

56% of US residents are Protestant, 28% are Catholic, 2% are Jews, and 1% are Muslims. 3% practice Hinduism, Buddhism, the Baha’i faith, and other religions. One out of ten is atheist.

My Comment: People’s relationship with God is no better off in other nations. Humanity has to undergo many more changes to begin to feel (or reveal) the Creator as He had planned. However, Kabbalah enables people to reveal Him quickly by changing under His influence. Then everything will become clear as day and all of our preconceptions about God will disappear.

We have made great progress in revealing the physical world, which is open to our perception. But we have made no progress regarding that which is concealed from us. When modern scientists, politicians, or businessmen talk about God, it’s clear that they are no different from Neanderthals who used to worship images, spirits, and the signs of the zodiac.

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