We Have To Unite The Two Worlds

The Goal of Creation Is Perfect FulfillmentA question I received: Many people around me are experiencing failures in different areas, including money, their feelings, and family relationships. Should a person try to figure out where and how he made a mistake? In other words, should he view his current state as being strictly individual and directly dependent on his own actions? Or, should he begin studying the wisdom of Kabbalah and expect inner changes to happen to him as a result of the Light’s influence, without worrying about what he did or failed to do, and what brought him to this problem?

My Answer: Since we are all interconnected, no one is personally responsible for what is happening in the world or to them personally, because everything is pre-programmed and descends from Above. We have to react to things realistically on the corporeal level and, at the same time, correct ourselves on the spiritual level. This is how we unite the two worlds, unifying the Creator’s governance of us through the influences of “Havayah-Elokim.

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