The Love Of Our Dreams Can Come True

connectThis is a letter I received from one of my students about her impressions from the Congress:

…We just got back from the Congress in Israel. I have been studying Kabbalah for a long time and I have been to different Kabbalistic Congresses before in different cities and countries. But I always went there alone, and I always wished that my husband would be there with me, yet for some reason it never worked out.

But this time he suddenly agreed to go. I can’t even begin to convey how scared and anxious I was about our trip together, and how many expectations I had. The only way to describe what happened is – it was a dream come true!

My husband and I always thought that we loved each other, but the mood at the Congress changed and strengthened our feelings for one another so much that we suddenly began to understand that everything we felt until that moment was just a sad parody of love…

The unbelievable sensation at the Congress of all the people uniting into one whole also came into our relationship. And throughout the entire Congress, beginning with day one, this feeling kept growing incredibly fast, until suddenly a point came when my husband was no longer there and I was no longer there; something new appeared – something that can only be called, “we.”

We even started having times when he would say something I was just thinking. I really want this feeling to keep growing between us. And I really wish for every person in the world to experience this feeling of love, warmth, joy, and unity, where you forget about yourself completely because you are 100% sure that every person around you feels same things you do – love and warmth.

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