The Institution Of Marriage Is In Crisis

marriageIn the News (translated from Gold-diggers are in a bind. The financial crisis hampers those who wish to enter into a calculated marriage. As businessmen watch the stock market plunge with sinking hearts, young women look on with disappointment as their potential spouses lose value. Statistics throughout Russia show a 30% decrease in the number of marriages.

My Comment: All marriages are calculated – from both sides. After all, the people getting married are egoists, not angels. A woman assesses a man for his reliability in raising her offspring, and a man assesses a woman based on love – not for her, but for his hormones. This is how both are programmed by nature.

The crisis did not add anything new to this process. It’s only that men now have other problems besides their hormones, and women don’t know how to assess a suitable husband in a world where the future is uncertain.

But, as the Theory of Evolutionary Adaptation explains this unique interaction between the sexes, men and women are genetically predisposed to mutually exploit one another in order to ensure the optimal conditions for producing offspring. But we have now reached such a breach of nature’s laws that it’s become impossible to select a partner and cooperate with him or her. This is a true CRISIS!

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  1. Dear Rav,

    I felt repelled by your thesis about how men choose a woman “a man assesses a woman based on love – not for her, but for his hormones”. I can not really relate to that. Could you please say something more about this.



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