The G-20 Will Not Resolve The Crisis

special1In the News (from The Earth Times): Czech President Vaclav Klaus, whose country currently holds the EU presidency, was quoted on Thursday by a French weekly as comparing the 27-member European Union with the former Soviet Union. “One thing is sure, just as it was in the USSR, very important decisions are not taken in the countries that they concern.” Klaus said he hoped there would never be the single European super-state that is the goal of what he described as “Euro-nihilists.”

Klaus said the upcoming G20 summit in London was a bad idea. “The crisis is an economic phenomenon with its own internal dynamics,” he said. “It is a mistake to want to change the world in order to resolve it… I don’t think that you find a solution by organizing a summit with 20 leaders.”

My Comment: The fact that people are criticizing the “European Union” indicates that they desire real integration. Many are already beginning to understand that the changes have to be made inside the human society, and they shouldn’t be political or economic, but purely social.

We have to start by recognizing that our nature is egoism and it is evil. The next phase will be to correct our nature by ascending above it: “moving away from evil” and “doing good.” However, this can only be accomplished by means of the force of correction, which affects us while we study the system of the world that’s revealed to us by Kabbalah. And actually, even the “recognition of evil” is impossible without studying Kabbalah, because otherwise we can only reveal our own, personal evil, rather than the evil inherent to the whole system.

Indeed, what we have to reveal is the evil that prevents us from uniting. We should realize that this is the real evil, rather than all the things that may be bothering us. In short, in the future the G-20 will have to study the structure and system of the world as explained by Kabbalah. Only then will they find the correct solution to the crisis.

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