Scientists Are Now Able To Read Our Mind

nowIn the News (from The Irish Times): “Scientists learn how to read our mind” The fanciful notion of mind-reading has moved from science fiction to science fact. A research group in London led by an Irish scientist has used brain scans and a computer to decipher a person’s thoughts.

My Comment: Science is closer than ever to the borderline between our world and the Upper World. Science reveals this world, which is perceived within the desire “to receive for oneself.” However, the Upper World is perceived within the desire “to give to others” and is revealed through Kabbalah. There will be no place left for mysticism and religion!

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  1. Dear Rav Laitman,
    can we say that mysticism and religion are “placeholders” until science has an answer for our questions. Isn’t religion and mysticism an attempt to explain thing that currently have no explanation ?

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