Newspapers Of The Third Reich Are The Hottest Thing On German Newsstands

stepsIn the News (from Times Online): “Hitler returns to front page as Nazi era papers hit the streets The headlines leaping out from German newsstands yesterday were shocking… “Hitler Chancellor of the Reich!” was the lead story… Masterminded by a British publisher, facsimiles of original Nazi-era newspapers are being reproduced… kiosks in Berlin are reporting brisk sales… Mr. McGee has been given special dispensation to reproduce the Nazi propaganda with all its insignia for its historical value.

My Comment: Kabbalah explains that there are two ways out of the crisis:

  • “The Path of Suffering” – Nazism in the developed countries and terrorism in the third-world countries;
  • “The Path of Light” – correcting ourselves to become similar to nature.

Actually, the path of suffering isn’t really a path, but a brief period until we realize that this path leads to a dead end. It may also include the third and fourth nuclear world wars, which will last until we realize that it’s necessary to correct ourselves.

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