New Research Puts The Darwinian Theory In Question

putsIn the News (from Science Daily):Natural Selection Not The Only Process That Drives Evolution?” Why have some of our genes evolved rapidly? It is widely believed that Darwinian natural selection is responsible, but research led by a group at Uppsala University suggests that… rather than being the result of Darwinian selection for new adaptations, many of the genetic changes leading to human-specific characters may be the result of the fixation of harmful mutations. This contrasts the traditional Darwinistic view that they are the result of natural selection in favour of adaptive mutations.

My Comment: Evolution (the constant development of the entire universe) is based on the continual manifestation (revelation) of information, data, or genes. These genes are called Reshimot (which comes from the Hebrew word meaning “record”), and they constantly trigger greater and greater egoism on all levels of nature (the still, vegetative, animate and human levels of egoism). In turn, the egoism constructs external “coverings” or forms of the still, vegetative, animate and human levels, in all their great diversity.

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