Kabbalah Is The Science About The Right Connections Between Us

correctThree questions I received on one’s inner work:

Question: Everyone is in different situations and going through different states. I want to know: what is the essence of our connection? How can we be together? How can we tell what our role in the general system is, and how can we fulfill that role? At every given moment, how do we act in a way that will allow us to maintain the connection?

My Answer: It is precisely in order to create this connection that we study, gather together, and disseminate Kabbalah. Kabbalah is the science about the correct way for us to interconnect, and the Creator becomes revealed within this connection.

Question: What is the source and the purpose of feeling loneliness? Why do I feel lonely, though surrounded by many people (friends, family, colleagues, etc.)?

My Answer: It’s in order for you to develop a desire for a true connection with others and with the Creator – a connection that will be filled with Light, rather than an empty connection.

Question: Why do you say we can only discover things internally? Isn’t that egoistic? And what about the friends? They’re external to someone who is not across the Machsom.

My Answer: You cannot impose correction on anyone, and you also can’t do it for anyone. You can only tell others about the world, its purpose, and how to achieve it.

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