If You Know You’re Sick, Seek Medical Help

financial-crisis-causes-spike-in-anti-semitismIn the News (from Bloomberg):Global Confidence Weakens as Slump Deepens, Job Losses Mount” Confidence in the world economy waned in February. Advanced economies are already in a depression and fiscal stimulus alone won’t succeed in dragging the global economy out of its mire. Central bank officials say transmission channels for their policy actions are still clogged, delaying the effect of interest-rate cuts.

“They’re thinking this recession is going to persist,” said survey respondent Yoshiki Shinke, an economist at Dai-Ichi Life Research Institute in Tokyo. “We can’t be optimistic yet. The bottom of this recession isn’t in sight.”

My Comment: The crisis can only be resolved by:

1. Diagnosing its true cause

2. Finding the means to correct or treat it

3. Preparing this means

4. Utilizing it

And here is the solution:

1. The cause of the crisis is our egoism, which has become global and interconnected into one whole

2. The only thing that can change and correct our egoism is the force that created it and controls it

3. Learning to control the force that controls our egoism

4. By influencing the force that controls our egoism, we will transform our world

All of this is explained in the science of Kabbalah and is ready for us to use. The “patient” (we) should use it while still alive. Just think: what would happen if a person discovered that he’s ill, and instead of seeking professional medical help, he decided that he would go and study medicine on his own? Wouldn’t it be too late?

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