Spirituality Instead Of Drugs!

What Does the New Year Hold In Store for Us?A question I received: I’m a social worker and I often work with drug addicts. I discovered that giving people basic knowledge of Kabbalah can cure them. I think that Bnei Baruch should contact drug rehabilitation centers with a specific proposal, and this could create points of Light in people who want to quit drugs and enable them to connect to the real source of fulfillment. What is your opinion?

My Answer: Unfortunately we don’t have that much manpower, but if you find people who are willing to work in this area, we will be happy to teach them the correct approach to drug addicts. We have had cases like this. In fact, many past drug addicts have long crossed the Machsom. Let’s work together to help drug addicts – we’re waiting for volunteers!

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  1. I am happy and willing to work in this area!  Please contact me with any information concerning approach to introduce adolescent and adult rehabilitation centers in US!

  2. Dear Rav,
    I am very interested to learn  how to help drug addicts. It is something that I would like to do.
    Who should I contact ?


  3. I work with all kinds of addicts, drug addicts included. I would be happy to be taught the correct kabbalistic approach by BB and would like to volunteer myself.

  4. Yes!! Silicon Valley California Needs Kabbalah in their drug and alcohol rehab. programs. I would like to participate in properly approaching them with BB Kabbalah.

  5. Hi guys, I would love to interview whoever asked this question for our Round Tables here in Texas.

    Hugs, jesse

  6. dear Rav , i live in Iran , here in Iran we have so many Addicts . i really like to learn how to help them , how can i get your lessons in Iran ? is it possible via net ?
    please tell me who should i contact

    love & light

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