Physical And Spiritual Conversion

Israel Are Those Who Aspire Straight to the CreatorA question I received: What happens to a person who converts to Judaism? Does a Jewish soul really incarnate into a gentile if his intentions are sincere and he is fully aware of what he is doing?

My Answer:
1. You must differentiate between our earthly traditions and the spiritual actions. A person can do the physical actions on his own, but not the spiritual actions. No physical actions can correct the soul, or even any earthly, physical qualities of a person. The only thing that can correct a person is the Light that descends during the study of Kabbalah, when one learns about the corrected states and how to come closer to them. It is called “the Light of the Torah,” about which the Creator said: “I created egoism and the Torah for its correction, because the Light in the Torah returns egoism to the corrected state.”

2. The soul is a “part of the Creator in man” (Helek Eloka Mi Maal), or in other words, it is the quality of bestowal (love for one’s neighbor) that a person acquires, because this is the only quality that the Creator has (“Good and Does Good”). When one acquires this quality, one become Isra-El, which translates as “Directed toward the Creator.” Everyone else are gentiles (nations), meaning egoists, regardless of their physical origins and whether they were born Jewish or not.

We all came from Ancient Babylon and we must all attain correction. In the past this was achieved by a small part of the Babylonians, the group headed by Abraham, and they were called Isra-El – those who are directed toward the Creator. Today, everyone must do this.

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  1. So is that means that if we don’t pay a tithe we won’t advance spiritualy at all.I bought the book” kabbalah for the student” and printed myself “The Introduction To The Book Of Zohar”.Is this concidered as a tithe.With the obligation of paying tithe many people will turn off Kabbalah and this is not a sloution for them.Because first they engage with all they desire and after a while they understand that they have to pay in order to advance spiritualy.I wander if somewhere in between where a person is already above the Machsom he will be obliged of giving more money in oreder to attain the whole goal.The last 125th degree of the ladder.I am very dissapointed that one has to pay to attain spirituality.Very pitty.The poor won’t be able to advance even a milimetre.The Maaser has to be removed because it is a limitaion to attaing the so called “new civilization”.

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