If Society Wills It, You Will Worship a Horse

Don't Look for Love In This WorldQuestions I received on alternative healing methods, old age, and celebrities:

Question: What does Kabbalah think of energy healing? Will it interfere with my spiritual development?

My Answer: People who study Kabbalah use only the obvious healing methods.

Question: Why are people so afraid of getting old?

My Answer: Due to a feeling of helplessness, emptiness, and uncertainty.

Question: Why do people worship celebrities?

My Answer: A celebrity figure isn’t important in and of itself, but because the society makes it important. Take Caligula’s horse for example (a horse that was worshiped in the Roman Empire): You can make society think that a horse is important, and then society will worship it. And because your values are determined by the society, you will also begin to worship the horse.

Question: Why do we feel good when other people suffer more than us?

My Answer: Because everything is measured in relation to the society.

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