Is Jerusalem Divisible?

A Question Is the Sensation of an Empty DesireA question I received: What Is your opinion on the negotiations to divide Jerusalem? Are you for or against its division?

My Answer: I don’t have an opinion of my own; I accept the opinion of the great Kabbalists. Baal HaSulam writes: “If the people of Israel will accept the laws of Kabbalah, then it will be possible to build the Temple and bring back all the past glory. And of course this would prove to all the nations of the world – even the Arabs – that the people of Israel have the right to return to their land. This will be very different from the present secular repatriation, which does not impress the nations of the world. We need to act quickly, or else they might sell Israel’s independence for their own needs, not to mention giving away Jerusalem.”

He wrote this 93 years ago, when there was no talk of  repatriation yet, or the state of Israel, or our Jerusalem, and moreover – its current division. I am neither “for” nor “against” it, because I know that the only thing that will help us is our correction. Hence correction is the only thing I am “for.”

It is also written: “If you follow the path of the wisdom of Kabbalah and accept the Creator’s teaching – things will be good. And if you don’t accept it, then you will still advance toward the goal He has set, but your path will be one of suffering. In other words, wars will break out in the world, fought with atomic and hydrogen bombs, and all the nations of the world will search for counsel on how to avoid the wars. And they will come to the Messiah in Jerusalem, and he will teach them this wisdom.”

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