Adhesion with the Creator, from the Primary Source Texts

Study Kabbalah, and Spiritual Worries Will Outweigh Your Current OnesSpirituality is called that which will never be lost. Hence, the will to receive, with the intention “for one’s own sake,” is called “corporeality,” and it will be canceled from this form and will adopt the form of “for the sake of the Creator.”
Baal HaSulam. Shamati article, “Spirituality Is Called That Which Will Never Be Lost

We have to work for bestowal, because it is opposite to our nature, which is “the will to enjoy.” We have to do the opposite – aspire only to bestow, and not to receive for ourselves.
Baal HaSulam, article “The Essence and Correction of the Creation”

“One who is angry is like an idolater,” because when one is angry one enjoys the anger and moreover, one is proud because he knows he is right. There are two sins here: enjoyment and pride. It is written about pride, “I cannot be together with a proud man” – and one’s soul leaves such a person.
Baal HaSulam, article “One Who Is Angry”

One must know in one’s heart that the Creator chases him just as much as he chases the Creator. One must never forget that, even through the greatest longing for the Creator. When remembering that the Creator misses and chases him, he should aspire for the Creator even more, until reaching adhesion through love.”
Baal HaSulam, Letters, p.70

We can draw the great souls into our world, and they will bring about the redemption of the world by virtue of their great desires. Everything depends on our desire to become similar to the Creator.
Rav Abraham Isaac Kook, “Arpilei Tohar,” 41

Here is the knowledge that a person is obligated to have: to know his Creator and to know himself – who am I? How was I created? Where did I come from and why? Where am I going? How can I correct my desire? How should I appear before the Creator?
The Book of Zohar, “Shir HaShirim”

The law of Kabbalah is that there is no connection between spirituality and corporeality, not in any word, notion, or letter, because the letters are figures drawn on white paper, while man is a body and a soul.
Rav M. Faivosh, “Esher Divrei Emet,” p.27

“Impudence will increase in the end of days” (Talmud. Sota, 49). That’s because this generation is extremely removed from the Creator, for people are proud of their igonorance. And he who is more removed from the Creator, is more deceitful and impudent.
Rav M. Faivosh, “Esher Divrei Emet,” p.28.

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