The Sciences Are Subordinate to the Wisdom of Kabbalah

The Sciences Are Subordinate to the Wisdom of KabbalahI received several questions on the origin of sciences. Here is an answer:

“Sciences such as theology, philosophy and mathematics receive their principles and roots from her [Kabbalah]. And therefore these sciences are subordinate to that wisdom; and their principles and rules are subordinate to her [Kabbalah’s] principles and rules; and therefore their [the sciences’] mode of argumentation is insufficient without her [Kabbalah].”
Raymundus Lullus, Raymundi Lulli Opera

Here is the original Latin:

“Scientiae recipiunt sua principia, amp; radices ab ista; vt Theologia, philosophia, mathematica. Et propterea namque istae scientiae sunt subalternatae huic sapientiae, amp; sua principia amp; regulae sunt subalternatae principiis eius, amp; regulis amp; ideo earum modus demonstrandi est imperfectus sine ista. amp; similiter post Theologiam amp; philosophiam omnes certae scientiae per istam quartam figuram aquiruntur”.
Raymundi Lullii Opera, 93f

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  1. Hello Rav,

    I just read how you were able to defend your dissertation on Kabbalah by writing against something you believe, which is an interesting strategy.
    I am pursuing my PhD in Education at Walden University and after  four years now, I have finally come in contact with a mentor who understands my goal in obtaining this doctoral; I can now approach my research in Education by designing a program of Metaphysical Education: an Emphasis on Kabbalah Studies.
    It is good to know you are so willing to assist those of us on this educational attainment path and should I need your help, I hope you will be there for assistance as well.  I must say, your books, the articles, website links, etc. are a tremendous help and I greatly appreciate you as a teacher and a scientist.

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