What Came First, Religion Or Kabbalah?

What Came First, Religion or Kabbalah?A question I received: I strongly believe in the methods and wisdom of Kabbalah, especially after struggling with my old faith and then struggling with atheism and other beliefs. I can’t explain it – there is something in me that’s 100% sure that Kabbalah is the right way. Still, I have doubts, not about Kabbalah itself, but about its relation with our corporeal world.

For example, if Kabbalah came before all religions and religions are inspired by Kabbalah, and this is why we find some similarities between them, then why do historians say that Hinduism was founded before the birth of Abraham, historically speaking? Can you explain this please?

My Answer: There are only three religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and they all appeared after “the destruction of the Temple” – after Israel fell from “love for one’s neighbor” to “unfounded hatred.” First Judaism emerged, then Christianity, and then Islam.

Of course, different beliefs existed even before that period, and even before Abraham, as well as before Adam. Abraham himself, as well as his father Terach, were priests in Babylon. And various beliefs existed not only in Babylon, but all over the world.

The Torah, on the other hand, only talks about the spiritual aspect of the world. For example, it talks about the Great Flood, but this flood didn’t happen in the entire world. Likewise, there were people who lived before Adam and believed in different forces and images. The Earth has been around for billions of years, and humans appeared hundreds of thousands of years ago. However, the Torah talks only about humanity’s spiritual development – about 6000 years, starting with the first correction (starting with Adam – one who is similar to the Creator) and until the last one.

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