Destiny and the Root of the Soul

Destiny and the Root of the SoulA question I received: You say that everything we experience in each reincarnation comes from the root of one’s soul. Throughout my life, and especially in childhood, I wondered, “Why do I perceive the world through my body, and not through someone else’s?” The answer to this is – because I have my root of the soul. But why do I have the root of the soul that I have? If I had a different root of the soul, then I would perceive reality differently. I understand that the Creator does not do anything by accident, so I’m sure that this question is justified and has an answer.

My Answer: The common soul of Adam divided into many pieces, called Bnei Adam (the sons of Adam, the word for “people” in Hebrew). Each part or separate soul descends, while worsening its qualities, to the lowest level – our world, where it perceives itself as a physical body with a world around it. This perception is the most detached one from the Creator, and it is fixed (permanent) – it cannot be corrected.

However, there is a “point in the heart” – one desire out of all the others, which can be corrected and raised up to its root in Adam. “The body” is the lowest desire, and it goes through life cycles in order to reach the state when it will be possible for a person to start developing this “point in the heart.” Each “point” of Adam corresponds to a particular “body” with its own destiny.

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