When Killing Others, You Kill Yourself

963.1Question: Do you think a killing gene is present in every person?

Answer: Every person has this inclination because every one of us is comprised of the full set of desires, from the best to the worst.

Question: So do we have absolutely all desires?

Answer: All of them.

Question: I heard that a serial killer said that every time he killed, he killed a part of himself? Do you think a person is constantly engaging in some sort of suicide if he kills others.

Answer: That is correct. It is natural because we are all in one common desire, in one common system.

Everything that exists is inside of me: still, vegetative, animate, and human. By killing someone or something, I kill a part of that inside of me. This is so true that a person must repent, so to speak, when he uses anything from this world for himself. He must justify this consumption, starting with a gulp of air and ending with lives, and so on.

It is the same as when we consume food or anything else. All of it requires some kind of correction.

Question: Are you saying that a person kills a part of himself if he kills someone in war or somewhere else?

Answer: Yes, that is correct.

Question: But even when killing an animal for food, am I also killing something inside of me?

Answer: Yes. Anything at all, when I consume it, including as I said before, a gulp of air, a gulp of water, it does not matter what, by that I consume, nevertheless. I kill that particle of the cosmos and I must somehow take responsibility for it. That is why there are blessings that we have to say and more things.

A person feels this even subconsciously. There are people who before drinking something, pour a little out of the cup, cut off a piece of bread, and put it aside, or do other things.

This all indicates that a person understands that he is taking from nature and taking practically without ever returning it. By that, he kills the Universe. And he wants to give, share, and so on. This exists in many nations, and it is subconsciously instilled in man.

Comment: So to exist I must kill around me.

My Response: If you do it as a necessity for your existence, to support life, then it is another matter. But you must understand it, nevertheless. That is why you have to say a blessing, so to speak, set apart a piece for someone, a tithe, and so on.

Question: And a blessing, is it when I say that I require this for my existence?

Answer: Yes. Even though it is not my fault, I was not the one who created myself this way, but I recognize this and share it in this way.

Question: Can you say why this was done? Globally speaking, for what?

Answer: A person must understand that he is in a world where he has no right to anything at all. And if he takes something and consumes it for himself, for his own sake, then he must pay for it, give it back, repay it, and so on.

Question: And the fact that we ruin everything, kill everything, and that we have brought the environment to the brink, will we be punished for that or not?

Answer: Yes, it is a great shame.

Question: Does all of it boomerang back to the person, in your opinion?

Answer: We will have to pay for all of it globally.

Comment: Rabbi Akiva said that the book is open and the hand writes, and you borrow, but later you will have to return all of it.

My Response: Indeed.

Question: Is this what we are talking about the same thing?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is taking normally only when it is for one’s existence?

Answer: It is only for existence, and if you take it only for existence, then you will be able to bestow it.

Comment: And that is blessed.

My Response: Relatively speaking. This is very complex because nature is closed, whole, and perfect. That is why our existence in it, in nature, requires us to be very careful and to be in complete bestowal.

Question: How do we nevertheless reach harmony with nature?

Answer: Only by attaining the feeling of unity with nature and the opportunity to bestow as much as we take. Then we will regulate how much to take and how much to give.

Question: But in principle, are we constantly moving toward this, one way or another?

Answer: I hope that one day we will get there.

Question: But why were we not given an understanding and feeling of this? We take without a second thought.

Answer: But we are moving toward this. This is development, the gradual development of nature from the still level onward.

Question: So do we have to come to a state where I cannot simply take and that is all? And even more so, to kill, steal, and so on?

Answer: Of course.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/23/23

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