When I Kill A Human Within Myself


If one commits a crime, he murders a human within himself (Stanislaw Jerzy Lec).

Question:  For Lec the murder of a person within himself is a crime. What does it mean to “murder a human within oneself”? After all, was there a human within myself?

Answer: Yes, there was a human and after all I committed a crime. And by that I killed him.

Question: What does it mean that this human lived within me?

Answer: It means that for the time being he was not doing anything good or bad. Whereas here came an opportunity to reflect on this state—am I human or not?—and I decided that it is not worthwhile for now.

Question: And what is “a human within me”?

Answer: This is a purely altruistic upper movement—from myself to the benefit of others.

Comment: I think I will be able to do that, but when the moment comes and I…

My Response: Nothing.

Question: And this is called that I kill a human within myself?

Answer: Yes, but then you understand that here you have to turn to the upper force so it would transform you in this way, and you would be able to really grow a human within yourself.

Question: Meaning this is a necessary condition—the murder of a human within me?

Answer: Yes. The one who does not stumbled does not rise. This is a known truth.

Question: Do you mean to say that practically these “murders” are happening constantly within me?

Answer: Of course.

Question: I “kill” a human, “kill” again, and I am moving this way?

Answer: If you are moving. If you feel that you kill.

Question: If I feel that I am killing, it is a tremendous stress and trauma for me?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And once again I grow a human, and again?

Answer: And so forth.

Question: It would be great to move without killing. Is it possible?

Answer: But how can you move?

Remark: With love.

Answer: No! Movement can only happen if you step on yourself like on a rung, and you rise. Then again you see yourself there, on the bottom, and you step on yourself again, and rise.

Question: On every step I lie on the rung?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/21/22

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