Until a Person Matures

600.04Question: For a long time The Book of Zohar was hidden from people, and now some have a skeptical attitude toward it: “Well another book has appeared.” How do I explain to them that this is actually a very important book?

Answer: It is impossible to explain. Until a person receives a certain amount of blows and matures, there is no way to explain it to him. He will say: “But I don’t believe it!” Well don’t believe it! You’ll learn gradually. Nothing can be done.

We see that a huge number of people in our world are engaged in all kinds of nonsense! What can you do with them? Can you approach a person and explain to him, show him, and tell him what The Book of Zohar writes about?! He will turn away from you and that is it. But when he gets hit hard, he immediately begins to listen. That is how we are built.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. A New Religion?” 4/4/11

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