A Sensory Connection Rising From Within

284.06Question: You say that over time we will not need an Internet connection, but only an internal, sensory one. What is it? Let’s say I’m several continents away from you, how will we connect through our senses instead of through Facebook or Skype for example?

Answer: You will not feel the need for an Internet connection. You will feel the need to rise from it to a more internal connection with each other. What is the use of me texting you? Because there is an inner desire to be in a closer connection (not virtual, but spiritual) when we feel each other telepathically. We are simply connected by this network.

Question: How can we uncover this telepathic network?

Answer: It is through desire, through mutual desire.

Usually such a desire exists in a mother with a child. She feels what is happening to him because she loves him, strives for him, and wants to feel him all the time. They have an open animal root between them (not spiritual, but animal) because she gave birth to him. At one point he was in her; a little creature was born out of her, and she feels it.

Question: How will such a desire be revealed to everyone?

Answer: On the account of it rising from within us. It also develops within us. After all, in comparison with inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, we are developing, and will inevitably have to reveal this connection that initially exists between us in ourselves. Now it is still manifested on a low level as a connection of hatred, a desire to use each other, but in the end it will manifest itself in a different way.

Question: So this is a natural evolutionary process. Will it not depend on the person himself?

Answer: No, it will depend very much on the person. Otherwise, if this process goes by the way of evolution, it will be forced and painful, when nature will push us forward with a roller of development as it has been forcing us for millions of years.

If we want to go faster, not by the stick toward happiness, but with awareness, then we must understand nature, anticipate its next pressures on us, and help ourselves in this development. It is like an intelligent child who understands what is required of him and performs everything in advance, without expecting punishment. And punishment is not punishment, but simply coercion to correct development.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What Is Technology?” 2/27/11

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