Potential Mistakes

112Question: Should we intentionally perform unnecessary actions; should we make mistakes on the spiritual path?

Answer: No, absolutely not! We must only move forward! We will still make mistakes along the way. But these will be potential errors that will point us in the direction, like a rocket that is moving on the right course and corrects where it has strayed a couple of degrees from its course in order to return to the flight line again. That is the only way.

Question: Do unnecessary actions mean performing some wrong action in order to recognize it later?

Answer: No, never! Never will a wrong action lead you to correction. But if you do the right thing, you will find a mistake on the way, which you will correct and advance further.

This mistake will not be a mistake but an even more refined direction. With the help of mistakes, bigger resolution opens up to you all the time. You get more and more closely focused on the goal.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. It is very important to make mistakes” 1/4/13

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