The Most Common Mistake

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe most common mistake is “eating yourself up” over your shortcomings, and this could continue for years if we are not prepared to be freed from it through mutual guarantee. To do this, pressure is required from the group to influence my mind and free my head from self-concern, from concern about what I did, what kind of damage I caused, what kind of wicked person I was, and what mistakes I have made.

This is a Klipa that takes over a person, and only with the help of mutual guarantee is it possible to be freed from it. The group must influence me so that I will stop thinking about myself, so that it will obligate me to think about it.

All of us pass through the same states—not simultaneously, but one after the other—but everyone must go through this. If you see that a friend is eating himself up and blames himself for his deficiencies, then you need to tell him that there is nothing to be sorry about. Rather, he must be concerned about the group. The spiritual vessel is specifically within the group and not within himself.

In general, regarding everything that happened in the past, it is necessary to say, “There is none else besides Him,” and everything happened according to a decision of the higher supervision. Until this moment, I didn’t do and didn’t decide anything, and from this moment, “If I am not for myself, then who is for me?”

However, the person on his own is not prepared to be detached from these thoughts. The Klipa will always draw him toward that same swamp, in repentance and remorse, and on the higher levels the condition is much worse. Only the power of the environment can strengthen the person and hold him above all the calculations. Otherwise, he will fall into the Klipa and will suffer severely for a long time.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/27/14

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