Motherly Care

947Comment: According to Kabbalah, it is very important to be no higher than others in a group.

My Response: You must feel superior to others only in what you can bestow to your friends. A small one cannot bestow to a big one. You should feel able to give them a feeling of mutual guarantee, that you vouch for them, that you have the strength, the power, and the ability to take full responsibility for their egoism and quench it to the end, over the edge.

It is like a mother who gives such a feeling to her baby; otherwise, the baby will start to worry, cry, get nervous, and feel some kind of lack. This is exactly what children in an orphanage lack; they feel with their skin that there is no one who will always provide them with everything.

In fact a baby does not need much, 50 grams of milk is enough, for example. It only needs the feeling that his mother, who fully covers all his needs, is nearby.

This is the same womb (the place he was before) now in a slightly larger form. Now the world has become larger and the child has begun to feel more in it. But this world should treat him the same way as before when he was in his mother’s womb.

This is how we should grow and gradually receive such a state from the whole world. Imagine how the whole world should treat me, and how I will treat it that way. This is the state Kabbalah calls for.
Birth is an even greater feeling of mutual guarantee, mutual bestowal, and mutual love.

The ideal state is when we develop only in this direction, when this maternal womb develops to the size of infinity and includes everything that we see and feel in our world and in all the worlds. After all, this is the property of Bina; this is the upper mother, it is what is called mother nature.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Motherly Care” 12/31/12

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