Working Together

265The current stage of our development is dissemination because the world needs the right interconnection or as we say, mutual guarantee (Arvut).

Let’s say everyone agrees: “Yes, we need to be mutually connected; otherwise, we will eat each other.” But how can we come to a mutual agreement?

This is where Kabbalah comes into play. Not the preliminary stages when we say, “Be a good boy,” but Kabbalah, because without the upper light, without its attraction, you will not be able to change yourself. You will always oppose others. Therefore, Kabbalah is necessary for people.

They must ensure that a kind to each other is needed because nature obliges us to mutual guarantee. We are on a small sphere and are completely connected to each other. It does not depend on us; it is a condition that obliges us from above, from nature, and it enclosed us all together: “And now, sort it out.”

We will either arrange a showdown and then everyone will stick a knife into each other, or we will try to somehow come to an agreement.

But how can we agree if we are all egoists and only think about how to achieve something using others? At the same time we realize that it no longer works through the other, that if the system is round, then we need to act together.

The center of this system should be a common goal for everyone: not me, not you, not everyone for themselves, but the center of the system. How can we change ourselves, our nature? For the first time in history, we come to the need to change not technology, not society, but the person himself.

And then Kabbalah will come on the scene as the only means of attracting the power of correction.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Is it All Laitman’s Fault?!” 10/1/12

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